Q: What is the main focus of Farmbits' business?

A: Fencing, Gates and Livestock Equipment for farms and landowners.

Q: I want to do some fencing at home. How do I choose the right materials?

A: Give us a ring. Fergus Anderson and Simon Spall have years of experience and differing projects so can always advise a suitable scheme for you.

Q: Do you sell panels and gates for gardens

A: Farmbits does not stock garden panels, posts or gates. However some of our smaller 5 bar gates are often used in gardens along with the larger ones for the entrance to properties of all types. Other items that are often chosen for gardens and paddocks are post and rail fencing, chestnut fencing and stockfence/hexagional wire mesh for dog/chicken control.

Q: Can you deliver right into the paddock where I want to build my fence?

A: Our lorry is only suitable for roadside delivery. It is not permitted to drive off road.