Building a retaining log wall

Building a retaining log wall

Building a retaining wall out of timber to hold back soil gives a lovely natural look and has lots of applications in landscape projects. I was talking to our timber mill recently about this and their advice and experience is below.

"We’ve plenty of experience in this sector. I’m pleased to include an installation brochure showcasing the process that avoids compromising the treatment efficiency. Typically, installers use uc2 roof batons to link the posts and as the roof batons breakdown, it passes straight onto the UC4 treated posts.

Usually the wall is constructed of Pine which has a 25-year expected service life. ( It’s not guaranteed unlike our fence posts).

Posts can be offered with a chamfered top as an alterative to straight cut tops

A range of posts can be offered to save the installer having to cut to size on site and the benefit here is that all the cuts are made before pressure treating so all the straight cut ends are treated during the process."

So if you have a project coming up ask Farmbits to quote on supply of exactly the materials that you require. No cutting on site and no wastage either. 

Here is an example of a recent installation that was quoted for...

  • 18No 500mm x 100mm
  • 36No 700mm x 100mm
  • 18No 750mm x 100mm
  • 52No 900mm x 100mm
  • 18No 1000mm x 100mm

Using the 100mm diameter timber makes calculating distance easy - 10 posts to the meter run!

See detailed information and guidance below. Please contaact us at the office on 01953 606668 so that we can assist you in your next log retaining wall project.