Does my energizer have a fuse?

Does my energizer have a fuse?

Rebecca asks "does anybody know if my electric fence energizer have a fuse" Probably YES!

 Here is a battery Gallagher energizer from Farmbits:

Take a screwdriver and prise the lid off 

Have a look at the circuit board and identify the fuse holder (circled in yellow) 

The use holder is this green thing with the glass fuse inside 

Pull off the fuse holder and remove the fuse and lay it on a dark surface. You should he able to see the thin wire filament inside. If you can not see this then the fuse is probably blown.

If the fuse is blown - ring Fergus at Farmbits 01953 606668 and we can post you one as we have spares.

Finally if the energizer is not working - check the connections between the wires and the crocodile clips. Sometimes the clips  pull off the spades within the handles and disconnect the wiring. (WATCH OUT FOR SPIDERS!) If this has happened - push them back on with a pair of narrow nosed pliers.

We are always happy to answer electric fencing questions, send them to us and put us to the test! 01953 606668 or